Monday, December 14, 2009

La Boheme @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl

I managed to catch a free performance of La Boheme at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl with some friends last Friday evening. It is considered one of the most popular operas ever performed to date.

For those who don't exactly know what La Boheme is, here's a synopsis:

Its plot centers around a community of artists in Paris, particularly between the romantic relationship of poet Rodolfo and grisette Mimi. Like the parallel relationship of Rodolfo's roommate Marcello and the beautiful Musetta, Mimi and Rodolfo's love is not without conflict. At the end of the opera, however, they are united tragically as Mimi returns to the garret and dies there, surrounded by her friends.

I must say I could've gotten more images if I knew how to weave my way to the front row for the earlier part of the show. But oh well, this is better than nothing anyway.

The event is proudly sponsored by the Australian Post, and I must say it seems like a very successful production.

Supercharged with drama and emotion, I must say the actors really played their respective parts very well.

The aggressive artist, whom I can sort of relate to.

Not sure whats the red bean bag for, but its there nonetheless.

A random "sword fight"

Mimi's tragic reuniting with Rodolfo

Musetta and Marcello comfort each other in a time of need.

Distraught housemates

A final cry of plea to escape death.

A sorrowful finale which encapsulates the whole opera.

In short, a very exciting performance indeed. For those who did go, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!




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