Saturday, December 26, 2009

Photowalk: 25 Dec 09

I decided yesterday that I pretty much needed a break and went for a photowalk with two friends to Williamstown.

Quenched our hunger with some fish and chips. We can't really shoot well on an empty stomach, can we? ;)

Two hungry dudes wolfing down the fish and chips.

Though the beach was relatively quiet, there was still some activity to be seen.

The kids especially seemed to be having fun.

Stooping down low with Live View for an 'over the water' feel.

Blue cloudless skies, clear water and a slight breeze to chill our bodies from the heat.. What more could we wish for? ;)

We moved away from the beach towards this old storage facility, possibly for fishermen.

Heaps of photo opportunities there.

As a bonus, we also saw a large pelican.

rocks and seaweed

Water under the bridge is definitely best forgotten, and I've got heaps of them too.

I can still imagine fishermen going back and forth from their boats while they are busy using this facility.

That's it guys, hope you're enjoying your boxing day shopping! ;)



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