Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Es Teller 77, Carlton

Many of you have heard about fast food chains such as KFC and Mc Donalds, but do you know that Indonesia also has its own franchise of fast food since 1982? Its named Es Teller 77, and they have branches in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. I went to the branch at 164 Cardigan St, Carlton last Monday which is quite near the University of Melbourne.

Yeap, they've their own menu system (albeit not being as complicated as the rest), but it works nonetheless.

After choosing your food, you order it at this counter. They're relatively quick on service, and you'll be able to get your food in 5 minutes.

This is Bakso Goreng, or deep fried beefballs. At 1 dollar a piece with some veg and chilli sauce, its a bit pricey though.

This is Batagor, the Indonesian version of rojak ($7). The peanut sauce has a pretty unique taste to it. I like ;)

Nasi Uduk - Coconut rice with fried chicken, egg and noodle soup. For one reason, the fried chicken is drier and has less flavour than what I would prefer (compared to KFC). It comes with some chilli sauce and a flavorful bowl of vermicelli soup.

Nasi Goreng, or more commonly known as fried rice. Comes with some cucumbers (which are a little thick) and fish crackers.

Kwetiaw goreng - rice noodles stir fried with egg and vegetables. A common chinese dish, adapted for Indonesian taste. Tastes quite good actually.

Enjoying the Bakso goreng.

Ayam Balado - deep fried Chicken with Balado sauce. The sauce has an interesting texture and taste. At $10, its a little on the pricey side for a dish.

Special bandung - A popular Indonesian drink. Contains syrup mixed with milk.

Mee goreng, or stirfried noodles. Looks quite good.

Es Teller 77 is on the whole quite a satisfactory place for a quick bite. You should give it a try ;)

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Hi Brandon,
Just drop by to wish you a Merry Christmas & have a wonderful holiday.
Wow!!your shot great..all of them.


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