Sunday, December 27, 2009

First Taste Restaurant, Footscray

Today, a large group of about 30 us stormed the First Taste Restaurant branch located at 104-106 Hopkin St, Footscray. Tel: 9689 4274

They identify themselves as a Chinese-Cantonese Restaurant, with Vietnamese roots.

I apologise for not taking as much photos as I should. The food arrived swiftly, and everyone hungry dived into them. So far, there have been no complaints about the food, which is good.

The "specialty" of this restaurant is claypot rice, and in some ways, I believe the restaurant has lived up to its reputation. You are able to download their menu and view their prices here.

Beef with rice [$8.80]

Satay beef fillet with rice  [$8.80]

Quail with rice [$8.80]. The quail has been cooked in a soya sauce broth, which makes it very tasty and flavorful. Yummy~

Fish fillet, sour pickled mustard & chilli with rice [$8.50]. I initially didn't expect much of this dish, but I was pleasantly surprised. The fish fillet is quite fresh, and the pickled mustard gives a nice flavour to the dish and rice.

That's about it folks. Hope you enjoyed this short review~



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