Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Trip to Great Ocean Rd, Day 2 + 3

I had a brief look at the scene of carnage, and it has indeed sparked a lot of responses. One of the agrieved persons even "demanded" for compensation. Oh well, some people do indeed show their true colours when provoked, don't they? No doubt, some parties will be observing my blog with a hawk's eye from now on. If you are of the aggrieved, welcome to my blog, and please feel free to be served with a dose of awesome shots of Melbourne and some of my occasional rants. ;)

Anyways.. back to my to description of my recent trip to Great Ocean Road. The first part is here.

I started my day with an ice cream from mackers. One of those rare moments where I can actually do that.

After a lengthy car check, we drove to Tower Hill, a nature reserved dotted with wild emus.

There's a little timber boardwalk that leads you for a short trail amongst local Aussie flora.

Ah yes, it is indeed a vast field of flowers amongst the hills.

This is the Bay of Islands, one of the must see attractions if you're ever going to make a road trip down Great Ocean Road.

There are supposedly some seals here, but I guess you need some binoculars and a keen pair of eyes to spot them!

A majestic formation of rocks carved out by the sea and wind.

This is London Bridge. My friends were saying that the bridge collapsed some time ago, but I can't really notice it.

Headed to Port Campbell for lunch.

This is your good ole' version of Aussie fish and chips. Too bad it wasn't as tasty as I expected.

This small beach is conveniently sheltered by a long line of rocks. I spent the night here 5 years ago on a similar road trip.

The last stop was Torquay beach.

Ah yes, this is good ole'  light Corona beer. Tastes great with a small slice of lemon.

An interesting pothole in the sand.

This is an interesting colony of sea plants, presumably being fed from the nutrients contained in sea water.

A group of runners along the beach. Definitely a good form of exercise, which I reckon I currently.. lack.

Ended the day with a dinner at a friends place nearby...

And after a whole night of Nintendo Wee, we woke up to the lovely scent of home cooked breakfast.

Thus ends our exciting road trip. Thank heavens for wonderful weather, otherwise these images would have not been possible.




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