Tuesday, December 08, 2009

let the flames begin

Forums do have their advantages. But when they start to detract from your journey as a photographer, you do start to wonder why did you join them in the first place. Perhaps its time to take a step back from all this nonsense and reevaluate which path to take in the near future. If I don't, I will perhaps end up like this.

This was the conclusion I had come up with in my last post just a few hours ago. But alas, some people have deemed it as too volatile for their liking (which I expected), and I have decided to remove that "pretentious" post. The seed has been planted, and the repercussions are swift indeed.

"This article of yours have made you become a member of my "very disappointed people" list. Please get your facts right before writing in a public site....Think twice again before writing your next article. This article will be kept as evidence to be shown to all those that you mentioned without names.

As promised, the previous post is now blatantly displayed on the News and Announcements section of the forum I once beloved. It will attract a generous amount traffic (56 views to date with more to come), and a flurry of comments / rants / criticisms from the moderators and enthusiastic site members will follow. Some folks such as Raja Petra have been implicated based on specific information on their website. I guess it is the same here, even though I fondly regard this blog as a semi-private domain where I can express some thoughts where in some other places, it would be deemed as inappropriate.

I could have conveniently taken neutral ground. Play it safe. Hurt no one. MYOB. There's really no need to rant about it. Let other people go about their business as long as they do not interfere directly with us.

When I joined that forum, I had utopian visions of what a forum will be like, and what it feels like to be in a closely knit community of people who regularly meet up with each other and give each other useful advice. For those of you who are yet to join a forum, let me give a real taste of what it really is. What you will probably see most here is brand-bashing, gear bragging, poisoning and unfortunately, not much photography. Yes sir, you are absolutely right. Newbies, if you're keen to join forums (or that specific one that I'm mentioning here), this is what you will encounter with full force. I've had my fair share of it.

Yes my friends, not much photography. My mentor tried to tell me that a long time ago, and yet I failed to take heed of it. He met up with several of the forum members, and he was appalled with the shallowness of their discussions. Its all about gear-whoring, and a whole lot of other crap which they talk with their cameras sprawled on tables like treasure chests as they sip on root beer. After that incident, he has never looked back and has since disassociated himself from the gang. Dear sir, I hope to speak again with you one day.Where are you?

I guess I should also state my long reserved compliments here to those whom I look up to:

AR, your shots have truly been an inspiration to me, and indeed shows that less is more. Sometimes I wish your writings on FT can be displayed on the forums too.

SA, I look forward to more wedding and architectural shots with your wideangle lens, as I have much to catch up with.

J, you seem like a very warm person with lots of witty remarks. Good job with your sunsets!

MF, its disheartening that our local Olympus center doesn't relate to photography enthusiasts who want more substance than the average Joe. But that's business, and there's no reason for us to rant about it, right?
I shoot very casually. That's how I got in touch in touch with Oly. They want the Average Joe with little substance in their work so that other Average Joes can relate to. Oly can approach many pros, but the Average Joe can't relate with pros.

I hunger for more substance. My involvement in the forums has made me neglect a wealth of other information out there that will help to propel my career to greater heights. It served me well for what it was, but now its time to move on.

Now, let the flames begin.



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