Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Photowalk 29 Dec 09

Sometimes as a photographer, it's better to put down your camera instead of missing out on all the fun. I had that compulsion two days ago to drop by a friends place to play Wii for an hour and then leave for some evening shots. Instead I stayed on for the next 12 hours for poker, cooking instant noodles, youtube-ing and making a make shift bed using 3 chairs! Wow, that's a blast indeed.

Anyways, I headed down Dudley St from home yesterday towards Docklands for my first evening photo walk in 2 weeks.

The weather was beautiful - a little windy, yet not too hot.

A closer look at the railway yards.

The city bathed in beautiful golden sunlight.

Interesting building facade at Docklands.

Docklands is all geared up for the New Year's eve celebrations. The metal barricades are all up.

Lots of boats parking in Docklands nowadays.

The stumps represent some victims of ferry related incidents, or something like that.

Here are some other images from Swan St Bridge which I just got down to editing them today. I took them two weeks ago.

Thats's all folks! Cheers.

ps: whoops, I almost missed this out:

The internet is great for sharing photos. It's a revolution in itself. It's convenient, democratic, robust, vibrant. I'm not saying it isn't any of those things, so please hold the complaints! But the problem is that it's a Great Pacific Garbage Patch of pictures. That's its nature. There are billions of photographs on the web. One person cannot look at all the photographs on one big photo-sharing site—I mean cannot, it is not possible, even looking at three pictures per second all day long as a full-time job—and there are thousands of sites.

So what's missing? Editing. Winnowing. Sifting. Curating. The creativity of culling. The imposition of a viewpoint. Redaction. Call it what you will.

Now, let the culling begin!



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