Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Photowalk 30 Nov 09

Its been raining quite a bit last week (and a little this week too), hence the existence of puddles on the ground - great for some experimentation with reflections.

Yup.. I'm revisiting old scenes, but the sky looks more dramatic with the sun just setting below the horizon. The heavy clouds also add some sense of drama to the scene.

Trying a low angle with Live View at 7mm.

Trying several different angles with the same subject is also good.

Yup.. the Telstra Dome has been renamed as the Etihad Stadium. Looks like companies from the Gulf are really making their presence known here in Australia.

A shot of the NAB building utilizing the reflections in the foreground.

Trying to frame the four apartment buildings with the sculpture.

It can get a bit challenging to balance the exposure of the boat in the foreground and the Bolt Bridge behind. As you can see, some of the highlights have already been blown out.

Thats all folks !




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