Monday, December 07, 2009

Photowalk at Federation Square 2 Dec 09

Dear readers, I apologise for not updating my blog for some time. I've been doing some traveling, and some graduation photo opportunities have been coming up, so I'll be busy for the next few weeks.

Sometimes, the most interesting places for photos are just beneath our noses. In this instance, its within the Federation Square vicinity in the middle of the city. I pass by this area frequently during the day, but I dedicated some time in the evening last Wednesday to do some twilight / night shots.

Looking down Flinders Street towards the sunset.

The Forum Theatre. I haven't been inside it myself

When it opened in 1929, The Forum, formerly known as the State Theatre, was the largest theatre in the southern hemisphere, holding 3371 people. After being converted to cinemas in the 1960s and then operating as a church for nine years, the theatre was turned into a concert and function venue, as it remains today.bThe Forum has been described as one of Australia’s greatest live music venues, playing host to a number of performers including Midnight Oil, Oasis, Tim Finn, Sir Bob Geldof and Powderfinger. It is also a venue for the annual Melbourne International Film Festival and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

This is a pretty typical scene of the city skyline with the carpark in the foreground.

Of course, the magic begins when the city lights are switched on. The trains passing by granted some excellent opportunities for some light trails.

Trying a slightly different perspective. The light trail left by the train here is more convincing and interesting compared to the former.

It is absolutely imperative to use a very sturdy tripod for long exposure photos. Those extremely pricey and lightweight carbon fiber Manfrotto or Gitzo tripods may be easy to carry for long hikes, but it wouldn't do justice to steady your camera when winds can get pretty strong in Melbourne.

The BMW Edge theatre, with the Arts Center spire daintily lit up in the background.

Giant umbrellas were hung from the ceiling of the atrium, presumably to enhance the fact that its summer in Melbourne now.

There's a little art installation in the foreground on the bottom right, so some interesting coloured lights were commissioned to give a different ambience to the buildings.

Looking towards Flinders Street Station. The space between the steps at the Info Center is frequently used by street performers during the day.

I was using a very wide lens for this shot (the Zuiko 7-14/4). As with all bulbous lenses, flaring is rather inevitable.

Flinders St station is also quite busy at night, but of course not as busy as during the daytime.

Hope you've enjoyed this series.




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