Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Australian Barbecue: OCF Style

Had an awesome BBQ at uncle Mickey and Aunty Keat's last Saturday. Here are the beef sausages and chicken wings on the pit.

Some potato salads with spring onions and nuts.

Marinated chicken drummets and chicken ribs waiting to be cooked.

Fried vermicelli

The chicken wings are a little charred, but its better to ensure its more cooked than raw.

Starving teenagers digging into the food.

The usual cheesy group photo, with the Pictionary board game in the foreground.

Mango pudding for dessert

...along with some fruits to end a great night.

Had any barbecues lately yourself? ;)

1 Comment:

robin said...

We used to have barbeque sessions for our OCF Perth (UWA) too quite often. Sigh.. miss those days.
Nothing beats having barbie by the river with blue sky and waters, and clean dry grass, overlooking the Perth city from a distance.


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